Watch SNL's Girls spoof starring Tina Fey as Blerta (video)

The hilarious parody—in which a new Albanian roommate moves in with Hannah Horvath—even got a thumbs-up from Lena Dunham.

Screenshot via NBC

What if a new, wise—albeit rubber-handed—character came to Brooklyn to offer worldly advice to Girls' Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa? That's the premise of the hilarious sketch from this weekend's Saturday Night Live season premiere on NBC. Tina Fey stars as Blerta, an Albanian refugee who becomes Hannah's new roommate, offering grizzled wisdom to her pouty cohorts.

We're not the only ones to enjoy the parody of the buzzy show, which is returning to HBO in 2014. Mindy Kaling shared a snap of Dunham watching the spoof in her living room via her Twitter, and Dunham also tweeted her response to the sketch. You can read both and watch the hilarious skit below.

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