Watch this clip and help catch the men guilty of an LGBT hate crime (video)

This disturbing smartphone video captures a pair of jerks harassing LGBT youth on the subway.

A shot of the LGBT hate-crime perpetrator

A shot of the LGBT hate-crime perpetrator

It's a tough time to be a homophobe, what with gays getting rights at a historic pace, and camera phones everywhere making it nearly impossible to get away with being a bigoted prick in public. After this weekend's exceptionally joyous Pride festivities, a pair of F-train riders verbally and physically attacked a group of queer teens, as well as a woman who was documenting the harassment.

The resulting video is making the rounds online in hopes that these creeps will be identified—so we're doing our part: If you see these assholes riding the F (or anywhere else), alert the police; anyone on the train who witnessed the attack is also encouraged to file a report about the incident with New York's Anti-Violence Project.

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Editor: Marley Lynch (@marleyasinbob)