Watch this video of the NYPD and the FDNY having an epic brawl at their charity hockey game

In the 41st annual game between the two departments, the real winner was the audience

A charity hockey game in Uniondale, Long Island, on Sunday saw the NYPD and the FDNY go head to head in a crazy display of incredibly enthusiastic on-ice violence. The 41st annual game between the two teams ended in an 8-5 win for the cops, but the brawl itself was the obvious highlight for spectators.

Somewhat predictably, the tide of opinion turned against the police as the fight went on, with the crowd repeatedly shouting, “PD sucks!” as equipment was strewn about the rink at Nassau Coliseum. A few people valiantly—if that’s the right word (and surely, it isn’t)—attempted to begin a rival “FD sucks!” chant, but it didn’t quite catch on with the same fervor.

Both departments have failed to comment on the fight so far, presumably since they’re too busy serving, protecting and beating the tar out of each other. The good news is that proceeds from the game—which finally continued after a 25-minute pause to tidy up the rink and eject some of the more vigorous participants from the game—will go to worthwhile charities like the New York Police & Fire Widows’ Children’s Benefit Fund. Assuming it doesn’t all get spent on emergency dental work first, of course.

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