Webbed feat

Clinton Hill's totally blogilicious. But what about the rest of NYC?

Photo: Beth Levendis

Newsfeed site Outside.In has named Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill the “bloggiest” nabe in the nation. It earned top billing in such data categories as number of bloggers and total number of posts.

On its face, this is a notable distinction—the loathsome term bloggiest notwithstanding. And Brooklynites will tell you that their vibrant online community is a direct reflection of the actual neighborhood. Take, for example, grad student Robin Lester’s Clinton Hill Blog, founded in 2006. “People have used my site as a way to enhance the neighborhood,” says Lester. Poking around CHB, you can almost feel the property values slithering out of your price range—on a recent visit, six posts reported on new restaurants and businesses.

Which immediately begs the question: Which NYC ’hood is the least bloggiest?

Welcome to Mount Vernon.

“If people blog a lot [in Clinton Hill], then it’s likely nothing like my neighborhood,” says Jill Twiss, who moved to the Bronx from South Dakota to pursue a career in stand-up. Twiss lives near the 241st St–Wakefield stop and has been largely alone in chronicling her ’hoody travails on jilltwiss.blogspot.com.

“We’re not trendy,” she admits. “My building was built for Korean War veterans, and I’m fairly sure that most of them still live here.” Twiss chooses her words judiciously when describing the local happenings that inspire her posts: “I always have something fascinating to write about.” (See the entry titled “A Letter to the Person Who Broke Into My Car and Stole My Great-Grandfather’s Saxophone Last Week.”)

But are these ’hoods really so different? Brooklyn’s brimming with laptop-toting professionals; Twiss is the last (or only) comic standing in an area that doesn’t know an RSS from a Rolodex. But neither place is starved for content. Twiss says that, at its core, her blog is a way to hone her comedy-writing skills: “I’m under no delusion that people are actually interested in my day-to-day life.”

Ma’am, that’s the least bloggy thing we’ve read in ages.