Weird yoga to shake up your downward dog

Bored of vinyasa? Try these, er, inventive hybrid courses that meld yoga with laughter, nudity and even twerking.

Illustrations: Molly Brooks

Earlier this month, Crown Heights art space LaunchPad introduced Dungeons & Dragons Yoga, a class that takes the fantasy RPG to the mat with poses like "dice rolling" and "sword one." Here are some other eccentric hybrid offerings.

Laugh! Laughter therapists (yes, they exist!) claim that the activity—especially when combined with yogic exercise and breathing—works abs, boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure. But you won’t have to suffer through cheesy jokes: You’ll do improvlike exercises to induce hilarity. Even if your laughs are initially forced, your body will respond. Try classes from Laughing Diva (suggested donation $10) or Laughteryoga (suggested donation $10).

Twerk! Midtown yoga instructor Barbara Purcell believes that Miley Cyrus’s signature move may have thousands-year-old roots in yoga, and that it helps engage the lower chakras. Whether you agree or not, you can’t deny the toning and strength-building qualities of shaking that nasty butt. Classes are by appointment only (one-on-one $110, two or more students $140).

Go nude! Work on your warrior pose in the buff at Bold & Naked’s ($25) classes—in male-only, female-only, coed and half-naked varieties. Creeps, stay away: The focus is on self-confidence, acceptance and sensuality. Gay guys can explore their clothes-free practice with Nude York Yoga ($20); Zensual Yoga ($20) features live musicians.

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