What is New York's best borough? Today: The case for Brooklyn

In today's round of the Battle of the Boroughs, we present five reasons Brooklyn kicks ass

Photograph: Shutterstock

In the current issue of Time Out New York, it's a Battle of the Boroughs: Natives and longtime residents square off to explain why their home turf is superior to all others. This week, we’re spotlighting one borough per day online. Read on to see whether our arguments for Brooklyn dominance sway you, or whether they only bolster your other-borough pride.

We’re living in a writer’s paradise, where you could bump into Jonathan Lethem, Chuck Klosterman or Jonathan Ames.

How about those fucking brownstones, though?

DIY venue Death by Audio (and the awesomely sweaty shows it hosts) could only happen here.

The century-old Sunny’s in Red Hook sets the standard for all great watering holes.

Think New York is becoming soft? Go to a raging loft party deep in Bushwick at 5am on a Saturday. Then get back to us. Capisci?