What is New York’s best borough? Today: The case for Staten Island

In today’s round of the battle of the boroughs, we present five reasons Staten Island kicks ass

Verazzano Bridge, Staten Island

Verazzano Bridge, Staten Island

In the upcoming issue of Time Out, it's a battle of the boroughs—natives and longtime residents square off to explain why their home turf is superior to all others. This week we’re spotlighting one borough a day online. Read on to see whether our arguments for Staten Island dominance sway you, or whether they only bolster your other-borough pride.

1. Heralded musicians like David Johansen, Vernon Reid and Galt MacDermot live here.

2. San Rasa’s Sri Lankan cuisine is heaven on a plate.

3. NYC is, like, the least smoker-friendly city ever, but you can puff and drink a cheap beer on the Staten Island Ferry. You know you want to.

4. Staten Island is the cheapest place in NYC to hold a waterside wedding, and the Richmond County Courthouse is the easiest place to file for divorce.

5. Staten Island Yankees mascot Scooter the Holy Cow beats all other NYC mascots. Yes, even Mr. Met.