What new words would you add to the Scrabble dictionary?

Hasbro is updating the official Scrabble dictionary for the first time in nine years, and they want you to weigh in

Word nerds, now's your time to shine (or get really, really, really angry): In an attempt to make the process of updating the official Scrabble dictionary more democratic, Hasbro (the company that manufactures the game) launched the Scrabble Word Showdown today. For the next two weeks, users can submit words they think should be included via Facebook; the winning words will be announced on April 10.

Since the contest launched three hours ago, people have already submitted words like selfie, crowdfunding, meggings and twerk. (We imagine those are going to rile up Scrabble purists.) Meanwhile, The New York Times, which first reported the story, reached out to Magnetic Fields frontman and noted Scrabble enthusiast Stephin Merritt (he's publishing a book of poems inspired by the game's official two-letter words this fall), who suggested the word ew. How that's not already Scrabble-approved is beyond us.

What words would you suggest? Hit up the Facebook page to leave your suggestion, or let us know in the comments. (Oh, and fun fact: Scrabble was invented in Queens by a dude named Alfred Mosher Butts. You can't make this stuff up.)

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