What the guidebooks won't tell you

Our editors chose the city's most vital places, people and things-and then tracked down un-Googleable, ultra-valuable tips about each. Plus some quizzes to see what you already know.

Photo: Joshua Kristal

Other Music

One of NYC’s premier spots to buy actual prerecorded music—not just compact discs but also vinyl (7-, 10- and 12-inch)—has added a digital-sales outlet to its website. But you can get OM’s singular rush of stimuli only by heading down to 4th Street. What’s just released? Whose photos are hanging on the walls? What upcoming shows can I buy tickets for? Oh, what is that over by the magazine rack? The out-there indie-rock decadence free-jazz electronica section? Awesome.

The secret:
“We were super psyched when we got our first gold record plaque from local boys done good the Strokes, right after their Is This It album had broken 500,000 copies in sales,” says the store’s Josh Madell. “But anyone who’s seen the shop knows that we don’t have much wall space in the front or the back. Rather than one of the Other Music owners taking it home to keep it to themselves next to their old bowling trophies, we hung it in the only spot in the shop with wall space—the staff toilet, where it hangs to this day.” 15 E 4th St between Broadway and Lafayette St (212-477-8150, othermusic.com)