What the guidebooks won't tell you

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NYC’s club scene may have been cleaned up and stripped of personality over the years, but if you can make it past 205’s sometimes attitude-heavy door staff, head straight to the spot’s basement—that’s where you’ll find some of the messiest parties around. Great music, often of the space-disco and electrohouse varieties, certainly doesn’t hurt.

The secret:
The random Craigslist personal ads painted diagonally on the walls of the downstairs lounge may seem like decoration, but they once served a utilitarian purpose. According to 205 spokesperson Jenny Gottstein, within a month of the club’s opening (when the information was still fresh), patrons found that they could reply to the ads with an incredible success rate. Thus, 205 (unwittingly) became the progenitor of many a fruitful relationship involving butt plugs and long walks on the beach. 205 Chrystie St at Stanton St (212-477-6688)