What to do if...you have a late-night salon emergency

Say that person you've been lusting over calls at 2am.

Photo: Jeff Gurwin

So what brings you girls here at 2am?
Jamie Penn, 22: This was a very spontaneous decision. We were at a bar and about to go to a friend’s apartment for a drink. But then we stopped and said, “Oh, I could really use a pedicure and some wine right now.” The wine is one of the reasons we came, though I prefer white.

Aren’t you being a little picky? It’s free.
Penn: I think there should always be a red option and a white option, not just cabernet and merlot.

Have you been here before?
Penn: Yes, I came here at a normal time for a manicure.

What’s a normal time?
Penn: Two in the afternoon, not two in the morning.

How is the wine anyway? Any guess on price?
Adrienne Bamberger, 22: It’s excellent. It’s probably a $9 bottle. I happen to like $9 wine, though.

Will you go out after this?
Bamberger: We’ll probably go home. If we go out after this, we’ll get home really late.
Penn: Yeah, there has to be something really fun to do. If I wasn’t here, I’d probably be in bed right now.

What are some other 24-hour places this city needs?
Bamberger: There have been countless times where we ran out of vodka at midnight. There should be a place that delivers liquor late at night.

Would you consider getting a haircut this late?
Bamberger: I normally wouldn’t because I’m really anal about my hair. However, if I was out and about and felt really bad about the way I looked, I would probably come in if I saw a 24-hour salon. There should be more of these, spread out around the city for girls with late-night crises.

Hair Party, 76 Madison Ave at 28th St (212-213-0056, hair24hours.com)

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