What your holiday gift-wrapping style says about you

Think twice before presenting a gift wrapped in delivery menus or disguising a petite present in a big box—we’re on to you

Illustration: Boyoun kim

The Perfectionist

Warning signs: Meticulously curled ribbons; shockingly flat edges; minimum of ten pieces of tape; complementary colors; not a wrinkle in sight, because the creases have literally been ironed out
The clincher: The gift giver is your mom.

The Procrastinator

Warning signs: Newspaper, delivery menus or the pages of this magazine used as wrapping paper; sealed with duct tape; label scrawled in Sharpie; linked-together twist ties used in place of a bow
The clincher: The present is handed to you inside a used grocery bag.

The Accessorizer

Warning signs: Miles and miles of ribbons; bows upon bows; pinecones, tinsel, bells, Christmas ornaments, artificial snowflakes and/or papier-mâché flowers adorning every inch of the box
The clincher: There’s confetti inside, which invariably gets all over your sweater and the floor.

The Rewrapper

Warning signs: Telltale rips, creases and tape marks; you recognize the wrapping paper because you used it last year; the pattern is clearly birthday- or Easter-themed
The clincher: Oh hey, is that a regift?

The Russian Nester

Warning signs: Multiple layers of paper; boxes inside of boxes; tightly knotted ribbons requiring scissors to break through; takes more than five minutes to reveal the package’s contents
The clincher: The item at the center of all this chaos is roughly the size of a peanut.

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