What's up with that?

Photo: Cinzia Reale-Castello


What’s up with the disco ball hanging inside the Rite Aid in Greenpoint? Is it some kind of Halloween decoration?


Before it stocked Lip Smackers and Depends, the Rite Aid drug store at 723 Manhattan Avenue (between Meserole and Norman Aves) was home to Laces Skating Rink. According to amateur historian and Greenpoint native Vladimir Goykow, the rink opened in 1979—at the peak of the roller-disco fad. But as the years wore on and jam skating lost its luster, the rink developed a sketchy reputation. Druggies hung out under the marquee and, in 1983, Goykow’s father witnessed a stabbing on the venue’s floor. This didn’t bode well for its glittery future: Laces closed in 1984, later to be replaced with a dollar store. Today, the original disco ball still hangs from the domed ceiling, and the pharmacy is located where the concession stand used to be.—Fareed Mostoufi

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