What's up with that?


What’s up with Midtown West on Google Maps’ Street View? There are no pictures of 42nd Street. Why not?


Street View, which launched last May and provides a 360-degree photographic look at major cities, has already removed a number of locations—women’s shelters, for example—after receiving complaints. But Street View product manager Stephen Chau says 42nd Street wasn’t booted because of user gripes; he just “never received” pics of one of the world’s most famous streets from Immersive Media, the third-party provider that shot NYC. “Every mile that Immersive Media gave us, we used,” says Chau, adding that the two companies have since parted ways. This was news to representatives from Immersive Media, who asked to remain anonymous and refused to comment on the company’s relationship with Google. They did, however, direct us to pics of 42nd Street posted on Immersive’s website, as well as to a press release (dated October 1) that says Immersive’s licensing agreement with Google doesn’t end until December 27. “There is no intentional reason that 42nd Street is not on Street View,” reiterates Chau, explaining that when Google completes its international expansion, updates will be made to New York City.