What's up with that?

Photo: Courtenay Kendall


What’s up with 214 Dean Street? There’s this huge boat sitting in the front yard!—Donna, Fort Greene


Most New Yorkers are pretty good at getting rid of their used crap, but there are always a few keepsakes that we just can’t seem to toss. This wooden sailboat falls into that category. The vessel, built by visual artist Jason Gandy, was used as a set piece in a January photo shoot for a South Korean--based fashion retailer named Polham. Gandy says he couldn’t imagine trashing it, and convinced his Brooklyn artist friends, who own this Dean Street home, to take it off his hands (for a while). The photo spread, which was inspired by the film The Talented Mr. Ripley, is meant to evoke the nautical 1950s. To see it, you can always head to Seoul, where it will be splashed all over pages of the South Korean versions of Vogue, W and Elle.—Daniel Derouchie

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