What's up with the subway kittens?

According to the guy fostering Arthur and August, they're chilling in a swanky foster home in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Arthur and August in their Bushwick foster home

Arthur and August in their Bushwick foster home Photograph: Courtesy http://scratchingpad.tumblr.com

It's been a whole week since Arthur and August, the wee little kittens who disrupted subway service in Brooklyn, captivated the hearts and minds of many a cat-loving New Yorker. (The mayoral hopefuls, however, may not have been as pleased by the whole ordeal.) So what's happening with the kittens now that their moment in the spotlight has passed?

As it turns out, not a whole lot—they are cats, after all. The Village Voice reported that Arthur and August are currently being fostered in Bushwick, Brooklyn, by a guy named Steven Liu, who is an experienced cat foster parent. He chronicles his adventures in kittysitting on his Tumblr, Scratching Pad, and recently put up a post introducing Arthur and August. They're currently being fostered alongside two other kittens named Ralph and Alice, and have plenty of places to play and hide.

Follow Scratching Pad for more updates and, hopefully, adorable photos of the kittens. (We also have to commend Liu on his sense of humor about the whole situation, as evidenced by the photo above.)

[h/t Village Voice]

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