Where to watch the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday (video)

Say farewell to the show with fellow Bad-heads, then drown yourself in booze to stave off withdrawal from Walter White & Co.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Photograph: Ursula Coyote/AMC

After all of the crazy, unpredictable and unforgettable action that’s gone on in Breaking Bad throughout the past five seasons, we can only expect a greater amount of crazy in the final episode of the AMC series. Not having cable is no excuse to miss out on the sure-to-be-epic finale, and there’s no way you’re gonna want to wait until it comes out online to find out what happens to Walter White—played brilliantly by Bryan Cranston—and his family, Saul and Jesse (especially Jesse—sob).

Check out our roundup of spots where you can catch the finale of all finales with fellow Breaking Bad lovers; in case you've been living under a rock, it will screen at 9pm this Sunday, September 29. And if for some reason you can't watch it live, protect yourself from finding out Walt's fate prematurely with Spoiler Foiler, a program created by Netflix that blocks spoilers from showing up in your Twitter feed.


  • Free

Not content to simply screen the finale episode, this Williamsburg video spot is making the whole night an homage to Breaking Bad. Starting at 6:30pm you can grab $3 tacos from Endless Summer Taco Truck (we admit, the tacos really have nothing to do with the show, but who doesn’t love tacos?). At 7pm, the Videology folks will be showing just about any related clips they can think of—bloopers, “epic montages,” interviews with cast members, parodies of the show and whatever else they can squeeze in until 8pm, when they’ll play the penultimate episode, which aired last week. After all that buildup, the finale will begin at 9pm.


  • Free

Newish Bushwick food-and-drink eatery Tutu's has been screening the current season of Breaking Bad every Sunday to a faithful crowd. Watch the final episode over a plate of ratatouille toast ($8) or wild-boar sliders ($12). Stick around for the postshow debates that we’re sure will ensue—the bar stays open until 2am.


  • Free

If you want a tasty and themed menu, head to Fort Greene gastropub Lola BKLYN for their finale screening. They’ve got Walter White Cheddar Popcorn and a “Chili P” margarita, among other Breaking Bad specials.

Brooklyn Winery

  • Free

Arrive early to snag a seat in Brooklyn Winery’s “cozy” (read: not very big) parlor room. Doors open at 7pm, and you can snack on seasonal food and local wine while enjoying last week’s episode before the finale.


  • Free

Meth shots. Need we say more? Hope not, because that’s pretty much the only info that Banter provides on its website. The Williamsburg saloon has been screening the whole season, so if you haven’t been persuaded by the advertised meth shots for any of the previous Sundays, this is your last shot (pun intended).

Pine Box Rock Shop

  • Free

One of TONY’s top picks for the season-premiere party, we’re still recommending Bushwick beer bar Pine Box Rock Shop as the season draws to a close. Watch the final episode in a laid-back atmosphere with a nice, big screen (96 inches, to be precise).

Sons of Essex

  • Free

Classy LES bar and restaurant Sons of Essex hosts one last screening for the Manhattan Bad-head crowd. Sip on a White Cosmo or a Spicy Watermelon Margarita (both $13) while you watch the climactic finale. You can book a reservation anytime this week through OpenTable.

The Exley

  • Free

W'burg drinkery the Exley is so dedicated to its once-a-week Breaking Bad screenings that its Facebook profile pic is a stoic image of Walter White. Can you say the same about your FB? Regardless of your level of commitment to the show, the crowd is generally fun and welcoming.

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