What is New York's best borough? Today: The case for Manhattan

In today's round of the battle of the boroughs, we present five reasons Manhattan kicks ass

Photograph: Courtesy of Central Park Conservancy

In the upcoming issue of Time Out, it's a battle of the boroughs—natives and longtime residents square off to explain why their home turf is superior to all others. This week we’re spotlighting one borough a day online. Read on to see whether our arguments for Manhattan dominance sway you, or whether they only bolster your outer-borough pride.

1. Manhattan is the one borough every single New Yorker goes to, whether it’s for work or for play. When’s the last time you set foot on Staten Island? Never, you say? But we bet you’ve been in Manhattan within the last week…even if it was against your will.

2. Stonewall. It’s where the gay-liberation movement started, and every time another milestone is reached (marriage equality, the legalization of gay marriage in New York State, the defeat of DOMA), it’s where we all celebrate.

3. Did you know there’s an elevated cobblestone street called Sylvan Terrace lined with quaint 19th-century wooden row houses smack-dab in the middle of Washington Heights? Well, now you do. There are discoveries like that to be made all over Manhattan.

4. If you get sick, do it in Manhattan. We still have the most—and, arguably, best—hospitals of all the boroughs.

5. True, Brooklyn has the Mermaid Parade, but we have everything else: the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Gay Pride, Chinatown’s Lunar New Year bash, the Halloween Parade in the West Village and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.