Which state are New Yorkers most likely to move to?

A cool new interactive infographic visualizes migration flows in the U.S., including where New Yorkers are most likely to flee to

Restless America

Restless America Still via Vizynary

If you were to leave New York—not that you ever would—where would go? According to this fascinating infographic, Florida would be your most likely destination. In this massive data project titled Restless America, journalist Chris Walker used migration stats from the U.S. Census to visualize which states 7.1 million migrating Americans left and where they went in 2012.

The interactive version of the circular diagram, in which you can mouse over states to see ribbons showing where citizens are relocating, reveals some interesting patterns. As Walker points out in his findings, denizens of Maine and Alaska flock to sunny Florida and California; folks leaving D.C. tend to stick around in neighboring Virginia and Maryland; and California has more people departing than arriving.

Sadly, so does New York. The infographic shows about 40,000 left the state, while only about 27K arrived. The most popular destination landing place for expats of the Empire State is Florida, with New Jersey, Philadelphia and California up next. For those leaving the Big Apple, blame the city's rising real-estate values and abundance of toxic sites—but hey, you have a chance to tell Bill de Blasio what NYC needs, at least until Saturday.

(h/t Fast Company)

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