Wi-Fi coming to more subway stations, including 29 in Queens

Soon, all of the underground subway stations in Queens will be equipped with Wi-Fi, thanks to the same program that wired Manhattan stops

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Good news for residents of the city's largest borough: As part of the MTA's plans to hook subway stations up to the Internet, 29 stops in Queens will soon have free Wi-Fi and cell service, along with a few major hubs in Manhattan.

The plans are part of the second phase of the wireless rollout, a collaborative effort between the MTA and Transit Wireless. According to the latter company, which is responsible for actually implementing the service, phase two will begin with the addition of Wi-Fi to 11 stations in Manhattan, including commuter-dense stops like 34th St–Herald Sq, 42nd St–Bryant Park and throughout Grand Central Terminal.

In Queens, meanwhile, all 29 underground subway stops will soon be hooked up; Transit Wireless will begin building an operations hub in the borough in March, with service expected to debut in June.

The firm also released an infograph charting the usage stats for the 36 subway stations that had wireless access in 2013. Unsurprisingly, big hubs (like Times Square and Columbus Circle) saw the most usage throughout the year, and iPhone users were more likely to access the service than any other smartphone user. According to Transit Wireless, there were 2.6 million connections to Wi-Fi since the service launched.

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