Will this app end drunk dialing and texting?

A new iPhone app puts the kibosh on booze-fueled booty calls and ill-advised texts.

We've all been there: It's 3am, and you're haphazardly typing a jumbled text message to someone whose number you should've lost or deleted ages ago because they just have to understand how you feel. Or you leave an incoherent tirade on a friend's voicemail, letting him or her know what you really think of 'em. Then you wake up later that morning (or—let's be real—afternoon) with a splitting headache and a barrage of annoyed or angry replies, all of which bear a distinct subtext of WTF. Welcome to Regret City, right? 

Well, not anymore. This week, Apple approved a new iPhone app developed by two college kids (go figure) that reduces the risk of communicating under the influence. Joshua Anton and Justin Washington, who study commerce and engineering, respectively, at the University of Virginia, developed Drunk Mode (99¢) after Anton received a bunch of missives from an inebriated pal. When enabled, the program temporarily deletes any designated phone numbers from your contacts list for a set time period (up to 12 hours). You also curtail other bad drunk habits (e.g., noshing on dirty-water dogs) by setting the app to give you a virtual wag of the finger in 30-, 60-, 90- or 120-minute spans. If you're not toting an iPhone, don't fret: The duo plans to release Android and Windows apps by June 30.

Will you be downloading the app, or will you continue to rely on good ol' fashioned self-censorship? Is there another program you've been using? Let us know at @timeoutnewyork.