Winter Olympics challenge: Six google-proof trivia questions

Your Sochi Winter Olympics party is not complete without this tricky quiz. (And booze. Lots of it.)

The Olympic flame in Ufa, Russia

The Olympic flame in Ufa, Russia Photograph: Shutterstock

Test your knowledge of the Olympics with this quiz from TONY copy chief Noah Tarnow: bonus points if you turn it into a drinking game while watching the athletic extravaganza with your friends. The answers are under the video, a pro–gay-rights PSA gone viral, embedded below—no cheating!

For more head-scratching questions, check out Tarnow's live trivia game show, the Big Quiz Thing. The next one, an Oscars-themed affair, is happening March 2 at Le Poisson Rouge (6pm; $15, advance $10).

1. What Winter Olympics sport incorporates an implement often associated with a character in The Wizard of Oz

2. Name the two Winter Olympics sports: The athlete's physical position in one is 180 degrees opposite from the athlete's position in the other. 

3. Name the Winter Olympian: Some people refer to him as a round thing that's red, juicy and winged. 

4. Though they weren't American, who inspired a work of American comedy released five years after they debuted at the Winter Olympics? 

5. Memorably, in which year's Winter Olympics did the U.S. win a medal by finally defeating two countries that border each other? 

6. What two past Winter Olympics host cities, less than 2,500 miles apart, both incorporate the same four-letter word in their names? 

Answers: 1. Curling (broom); 2. Luge and skeleton; 3. Shaun White ("Flying Tomato"); 4. The Jamaican bobsled team (It debuted at the 1988 Games, and inspired the 1993 film Cool Runnings.); 5. 1980 (The U.S. men's hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the semifinals—"Miracle on Ice"—then went on to defeat Finland for the gold medal.); 6. Lake Placid (1932 and 1980), Salt Lake City (2002)

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