Worst holiday sweater contest

Show us the reindeer/snowflake/Frosty knitwear that would make Bill Cosby blush.

time out ugly sweater contest

We're in the thick of the holiday season now, which can only mean one thing: twinkly public evergreens, overly cheery shopping muzak, the Rockettes, strained conversations about travel, spiked hot chocolate, the same five Christmas-themed movies on cable, smarmy jewelry ads, TONY's usethiself.com, Santas at your local bar, using the word "jolly"…phew! Okay, so the year-end merriment means a lot of things. But one of them—and one of the most welcome, we would say—is the appearance of truly awful holiday sweaters. Like, even-ironically-I-wouldn't-be-caught-dead-in-that sweaters.

And we want to see them! Please send us photos of deserving candidates at onlineeditor@timeoutny.com, and we'll select a winner on Friday, December 21 (just before we bolt to our respective planes, trains and automobiles). In the meantime we'll post some of the leading entries here for your amusement.

First, a few guidelines:

  • The file size of your image should be between 1MB and 3MB (preferably in JPEG format). Especially large files will be bounced back by our email program.
  • You are welcome to send more than one image. Just make sure the total attachments in your email do not exceed 5MB in size.
  • You acknowledge that any photos you send may be published by Time Out New York, and that you have the necessary permissions to allow us to do so.

That's all the boring stuff. Now send us those photos.

time out ugly sweater contest

Web designer Kelsey Rahn (second from right) demonstrates holiday tackiness with aplomb.