Write a song about Coney Island to (possibly) win a trip to Sweden

Amateur songsmiths: Brooklyn Brewery requests your odes to the borough’s storied oceanside destination.

Tour Brooklyn Brewery

Tour Brooklyn Brewery Photograph: Dan D'Ippolito / Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery already did the beer-drinking public a huge solid this year by releasing an excellent seasonal pale ale, Scorcher #366. They've also been hosting some fun events, like live comedy and cornhole tourneys, to make you feel like less of a lout for guzzling pints of ale when you should be doing something productive, like eating a salad or learning a new language.

Well, good news: Now you can direct all that self-loathing about your after-work laziness into a Brooklyn Brewery–hosted songwriting contest. The brewery is asking nonpro tunesmiths to submit their original ditties about Coney Island for a chance to get flown to Stockholm for the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN music/arts festival from August 22–26. Not a bad take for your two- or three-minute jingle. Submissions are due by July 31, and full details on the contest are up at Brooklyn Brewery's site.

Last year the suds makers held a similar contest, asking for songs about the much-maligned G train. Acquaint yourself with some of those videos, including the winning jam "No Burning Headlight," before setting to work.

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Editor: Marley Lynch (@marleyasinbob)