Year-end trivia: Five head-scratching questions about 2013

Test your knowledge on the year that just was, in advance of the Big Quiz Thing's 2013 Flashback Trivia-O-Rama

Drink and show off how on top of 2013 culture you are at The Big Quiz Thing's 2013 Flashback Trivia-O-Rama next Tuesday. The live quiz show is the brainchild of Noah Tarnow, who serves as TONY's resident copy chief by day, helping us deal with major grammar and punctuation quandaries (like what it meant when Jay Z dropped his hyphen) on a daily basis.

This upcoming event will look back on events, movies, TV shows and other notable happenings from the past year. Expect six rounds of multimedia trivia, including a video puzzle, "The Year in Manipulative Movie Trailers"; the Lightning Round; and the buzzertastic finale. The prizes, such as tickets to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway, aren't too bad either.

The quiz happens on Tuesday, December 10 at Littlefield (7pm; $10, advance $8), but you can get a teaser with these five questions. Answers below the video (no peeking!).

1. How many greats are needed to describe the relationship between newborn Prince George and the guy Colin Firth played in The King’s Speech?

2. Complete the witticism, very overused on Twitter in August, with the first name of a celebrity: “Coming out of the closet? That’s so…”

3. Robin Gunningham, perhaps? Robert Banks, maybe? Both of those names have been theorized as the true identity of what figure in the news this fall?  

4. What TV show, which premiered this year, is based on a fictional property that first appeared in 1965’s Strange Tales No. 135?    

5. Appropriately, an American team has won what sports prize 88 percent of the times it’s been awarded, most recently this fall?

Answers: 1. Two 2. Raven 3. Banksy 4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5. The America’s Cup

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