Yes, you can perform BMX tricks on a Citi Bike (video)

Animal New York shot BMX master Tyrone Williams performing plenty of tricks—grinds, wheelies and the like—on a Citi Bike.

Citi Bike docking station in Dumbo

Citi Bike docking station in Dumbo Photograph: Amy Plitt

Since Citi Bike launched in May, we've been hoping that someone would document their attempts to do any cool BMX moves on one of the bulky blue bikes. (Or—even better—an attempt at hot docking, or riding the two-wheeler right into a docking station.) And today, thanks to Animal New York, our wish was fulfilled.

Animal asked Tyrone Williams, who owns the bike store Dah Shop in Chinatown, and is something of a street BMX expert, to perform a few tricks on a bike in Williamsburg. He took full advantage, doing grinds in public spaces, popping wheelies—and yes, Williams even successfully pulled off a hot dock.

Check out the full clip below.

[h/t Adrian Chen]

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