At last! Sound in the spotlight

headphones1Full disclosure: I have a sound designer in the family. My sister sound designs and composes all over this fair city, so much so that in my paranoid moments I think she may be overcommitting herself deliberately so I will be limited in what I can review. I have occasionally shaken my clenched fist at the sky. But that tiny drawback aside, having a sound-designing sister has sensitized me to how this vital theatrical component too often goes unappreciated. Now that there's a Tony Award for sound design, a little sunshine might be landing on these be-headphoned stalwarts. And happily, one of downtown's most prolific sound masters Muttt Dog got some much-deserved stroking on this morning's Brian Lehrer show on WNYC. Muttt was there with Andy Donald to promote Naked Angels Radio and to demonstrate how to make Halloweeny sounds with produce. Enjoy.