Bye bye, Bankhead: Looped to close this Sunday

Valerie Harper as Tallulah Bankhead in LOOPED on BroadwayTallulah, we hardly knew ya. Looped, Matthew Lombardo's shaky bioplay about the great Tallulah Bankhead, opened to mediocre reviews (including ours) on March 14; today it announced that it will be closing a mere month later, on April 11. We will not shed any crocodile tears here over the news; despite a formidable central performance by Valerie Harper, and a quiver of acid-tipped one-liners from the Bankhead repertoire, we didn't care much for the play as a whole. (While we're on the subject: Why has no one pointed out the numerous similarities between Looped and the similarly weak Rothko bioplay Red? Is it because the latter snows audiences with highfalutin mumbo jumbo about art?) Although the play is undercooked, some audiences—the very camp enthusiasts that Lombardo, with a certain degree of bad faith, makes the villains of his Tallulah-versus-the-screaming-queens backstory—will surely get a kick out of Harper's divinely wasted proto--Ab Fab antics in Looped. If that's you, then hurry over to the Lyceum posthaste. You have just one week left to make a run on the Bankhead.