Shakespeare in the Park umbrella etiquette

I have tickets to see Twelfth Night in Central Park this Saturday. How romantic! How magical! How...wet? Keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts—especially on such a rainy day as this. My press contact at the Public suggested I wear a poncho (very flattering on me) and reminded me that umbrellas are a no-no inside the Delacorte. To which I speedily e-mailed, "Whaaaaa?" Really? No umbrellas allowed? Is there a place to store them while we enjoy the Bardic stylings of Anne Hathaway & Co. and get all prune-skinned? Apparently the rule is this: You can bring your precipitation shield into the Delacorte, but you must keep it under your seat, and there's no unfurling allowed. This has been the policy since 2006. Gotta say, not everybody at Shakespeare in the Park has obeyed the injuction: I have recent memories of a sea of convex latex bobbing before me as the "rain it raineth," delaying opening iambs. Any readers want to share advice on how to stay dry, or humorous anecdotes?

UPDATE: The Public Theater points out that not a single performance of Twelfth Night has been canceled due to rain, even if there have been slightly delayed starts. The cast and crew show up even if it rained during the day, ready to hit the boards. Also, it's been cold at night—you may have noticed—so dress warm if you're heading to the Delacorte. Lastly, check out next week's theater opener for a run-down of the stars of the production.