Sourthern discomfort: Erin Markey set to gouge Tennessee Williams's Green Eyes in January

Erin Markey is one scary chick, and we love her for it. A fixture at such talent expos as Our Hit Parade, Markey has spent the past year making people uncomfortable all over town. Back in March, our own Helen Shaw reported invidiously of her "bravura performance" as a naked and feral bride in the Tennessee Williams 1970 curio Green Eyes, presented as part of Target Margin's LAB: The Unknown Williams program at the Bushwick Starr—but by then, the remainder of the run had already sold out. In June, reviewing Markey's Puppy Love: A Stripper's Tail at the soloNOVA festival, Shaw once again had occasion to rave: "Markey, a unique and explosive talent, fits no mold I know," she wrote. "She's got a trumpet-bright voice, a predator's smile, no discernible boundaries and an air of real danger—when (during the Target Margin Tennessee Williams festival) she played all of Green Eyes in the raw, she still looked like she could beat the stuffing out of half the front row." But that performance, too, was no longer viewable, the festival having already ended.

So this time, we're telling you the good news in advance. Those who have not yet felt Markey's bite will now have a chance to catch what they missed last year: In January, Green Eyes will return as part of P.S. 122's Coil Festival. Once again directed by the nervy Travis Chamberlain, the new production will be a site-specific experience in a cramped room in midtown's Hudson Hotel (standing in for the play's New Orleans honeymoon hothouse). Playing Mrs. Claude Dunphy, an unusually aggressive variation on Williams's signature theme of sexually starved Southern women, Markey will have ample occasion to terrorize not just the actor playing her husband, Canada's Adam Couperthwaite, but also the audience; just 20 people can be accommodated at each performance, and they'll be right up in the action. Will that be too close for comfort? You bet it will, and we can't wait. Neither should you: Tickets are on sale here. Get them while you can.