The Tonys (and TONY) get an A this year

The biggest winner at this year's Tony Awards telecast was the audience. From the fleet and charming Neil Patrick Harris's opening number (above, featuring lyrics by comic mastermind David Javerbaum) to his midshow host-off with Hugh Jackman and rap-up finale (with on-the-fly rhymes by Lin-Manuel Miranda), this telecast featured the highest sustained level of special material in the awards' 45-year history. Even critics—or as the opening number put it, "the sad embittered malcontents who write the reviews" (how do they know me so well?!?)—would have trouble finding much fault with the presentation. Two major improvements this year: the Beacon Theatre, a much more hospitable space than the barny, musical-number--killing Radio City Music Hall; and the "circle of doom" to which throngs of cowinners were consigned, leaving a more elegant speaking space for the designated acceptance-speech deliverer. Even Gil Varod of Broadway Abridged, the Web equivalent of Forbidden Broadway, had to admit that the show was a success this year, though that didn't stop him from taking a funny stab at it. (I live-tweeted the show last night from my shiny new Twitter account, if that's your speed.) Congratulations to everyone involved with the telecast.

But now to the real question: How did we fare in our predictions of all 26 categories? And the answer is, we did pretty darn well. In fact, we called 25 of the winners, misguessing only in the category of Best Featured Actress in a Musical—and after that adorable speech by The Book of Mormon's Nikki M. James, we can hardly begrudge her interruption of our otherwise clean sweep. As far as we can tell, that makes us this year's champions among pundits who made predictions on Gold Derby or elsewhere. Here's the full list, as far as we know:

David Cote and Adam Feldman (Time Out New York): 25/26
Andy Humm (Gay USA): 24/26
The Producer's Pespective reader poll
: 24/26
Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby): 24/26
David Sheward (Back Stage): 24/26
Wayman Wong (Daily News): 24/26
Thom Geier (Entertainment Weekly): 22/26
Brian Lipton (TheaterMania): 22/26
Michael Musto (Village Voice): 22/26
Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby): 22/26
Ken Davenport (The Producer's Perspective): 21/26
Robert Diamond (Broadway World): 21/26
Martin Denton (NY Theatre): 20/26
Harry Haun (Playbill): 19/26
Melissa Bernardo (Entertainment Weekly): 16/26
Blake Ross (Playbill): 15/26
Elysa Gardner (USA Today): 14/26

(All three women in last place? Step it up, ladies!)

Of those who did not predict the whole ballot:

StageGrade critics poll: 14.5/17
Charles Isherwood (The New York Times): 13/16
Charles McNulty (Los Angeles Times): 13/16
Ben Brantley (The New York Times): 12/16
Michael Riedel (New York Post): 13/15
Mark Kennedy (Associated Press): 7/8
Matt Windman (AM New York): 7/8
Scott Brown and Jesse Green (New York): ???/???

Did we leave anyone out? Is there a pundit out there who got all 26? Chime in!