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Afo Pool Party   Lets Be Safe
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Afo Pool Party Lets Be Safe says
This is the obligatory AFO pool party page. We have been enjoying AFO for years now, especially the indelible pool parties. Last year, though, was a disaster. Not to get too far into it, but police got involved and the party was shut down almost immediately after it was started. If this continues then AFO may be forced to change locations or permanently shut the pool down for the convention. Let’s be responsible this time with a few things that we know will keep this party fun and safe for everyone.

-Basic Pool Guidelines-

-DO NOT give alcohol to anyone underage. The police are always on scene and WILL ARREST YOU!

-DO NOT keep any open alcohol containers near the pool area

-DO NOT sell alcohol illegally, you will be arrested

-DO NOT bring any illegal drugs, you will be arrested

-NO SMOKING anything whatsoever near the pool area

-PLEASE be courteous to the entire hotel and con staff. Do not argue with them or cause a scene that may end with a closure of the get-together. One apple can ruin the bunch here.

-DO NOT play overly loud music or start screaming. Other guests that may not be part of the con are trying to sleep. Remember they are on their own vacations while in the magic of Orlando.

-MIDNIGHT is when the hotel staff are *REQUIRED* to close the pool for respect of the other guests. We have had our fun, let's not argue and ruin the good time we had.

-LASTLY, BE SMART. We all want to celebrate, but more importantly get home safely after this weekend!

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By: Papanotzzi

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