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Belgique (© Dirk Pauwels)
© Dirk Pauwels
Belgique (© Studio Wim Delvoye)
© Studio Wim Delvoye
Belgique (© Wim Delvoye)
© Wim Delvoyescale 1/4, Clockwise, 2014, laser-cut stainless steel, L 176 x 67 x H 94 cm, Mindaugas

A diverse introduction to the Belgian contemporary art scene curated by collector Daniel Templon.

A good way to get to grips with the influence of Belgian contemporary art, this exhibition at the Galerie Daniel Templon presents several works from many different genres and eras, and in all sorts of forms and materials. The curators – led by Templon – have chosen a select few works that represent the legacy of 20th century Belgian surrealists René Magritte and Marcel Broodthaers.

Even if the chosen artists move in similar circles (Jan Hoet’s Musée S.M.A.K. in Ghent, for example), each of their pieces is very different and none can be ascribed to the same movement or school. All, however, demonstrate an underlying figurative simplicity, from Wim Delvoye’s laser-carved cathedral, made from fine plates of steel and mounted on wheels (‘Twisted Dump Truck (Clockwise)’, 2013), to Berlinde de Bruyckere’s deformed wax body, which is suspended from a crucifix (‘L’Amour Invisible’, 2011).


By: Claire Fallou


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