Françoise Huguier

Art , Photography
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Françoise Huguier, 'K-POP', Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie, 2013 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, Les appartements communautaires. Nus dans la cuisine, Saint Pétersbourg, Russie, 2005 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, 'Abbatoirs', Letavia, presqu’île de Taïmyr, Sibérie polaire, 1992 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, 'Hijab', Bandung, Indonésie, 2013 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, Région de Pô, Burkina Faso / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, 'Piscine', Tokyo, Japon, 1980 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, 'Pêcherie', Noviport, presqu’île de Iamal, Sibérie / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, 'Le Margoulier', Djibouti, 1989 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, Christian Lacroix, HC, collection printemps-été 1999, janvier 1999 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’
Françoise Huguier, 'K-POP', Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie, 2013 / © Françoise Huguier / Agence VU’

Straddling the boundary between fantasy and factual reportage, the photographs of Françoise Huguier present the viewer with a kind of veiled reality. Her work for such publications as Vogue and the New York Times sent Huguier to some of the most remote corners of the globe to snap everything from the Siberian tundra to a community of Colombian nuns; never content to photograph her subjects at face value, she injected an dreamlike energy into her images that raises them above the average. The Maison Européenne de la Photographie pays tribute to her vast output with a suitably sweeping career retrospective, which takes in her fashion as well as travel photography.

Open Wed-Sun 11am-7.45pm. See also the Polka Galerie's exhibition of Huguier's female portraits, which runs more or less simultaneously.

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