L'Enfance de Mammame

Theatre, Children's
L'Enfance de Mammame

Created by Jean-Claude Gallotta in 1985, kids show 'L’Enfance de Mammame' has been around the world, interpreted by many generations of dancers and enjoyed by many generations of audiences. This time around, the nine Mammame dancers push their bodies to the extreme with all sorts of intriguing movements and contortions on the stage of the Théâtre Paris-Villette. 

The dancers perform their pirouettes and acrobatics in silence, or to music and sounds on a stage lit by overhead projectors. The projectors become the sun to the dancers, who are drawn to them like moths to a flame. They bounce across the stage enthusiastically in a perpetual quest to dance in the light. Full of energy and brimming with humour, this show designed for kids also has plenty to offer older audiences.


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