Le Rock'n'Roll Circus

4 out of 5 stars
Le Rock'n'Roll Circus ©Emmanuel Chirache
Le Rock'n'Roll Circus ©Emmanuel Chirache

Opened by the same crew behind bars UFO and Orange Méchanique in Oberkampf, the Rock’n’Roll Circus brings its winning formula of gritty rock, garage, soul and criminally cheap alcohol to Pigalle, replacing the gaping hole left behind by Le Sancerre (the former rockers paradise on rue des Abbesses) when it changed hands in 2011. You’ll find walls covered in Led Zeppelin LP covers, Frank Zappa photos and film posters but no dance floor! But who needs one when you can strut your funky stuff wherever the mood takes you (at the bar, in between tables, or on the way to the loo)?  On weekends, this place heaves, so sharpen your elbows.

By: AB


Venue name: Le Rock'n'Roll Circus
Address: 5 rue André Antoine

Transport: Métro Pigalle
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