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The 100 best French films

Time Out's definitive countdown of the finest French films – as chosen by industry experts

What are the greatest French movies ever made? 'Les Enfants du Paradis'? 'La Haine'? 'Taxi'? In an effort to find out Time Out launches a major new project: 'The 100 Best Fench films' – as voted by the film industry itself. Over the past few months, we've polled a select group of actors, directors, writers, producers, critics and other industry bigwigs to discover their favourite ten French films. 

From there, taking into account the choices of our contributors, we've compiled a countdown of the 100 best French films of all time – with commentary from our critics on every movie listed. You can also read every contributor's top tens over on our French site. So the only question left to answer is: what do you think? Tell us your favourite French films here


Huw O

I would seriously consider adding ‘Elle’ to this list now. It's the best film I've seen this year, that's for sure.