Questcequetudeviens ?
© Aglaé Bory

Aurélien Bory’s new production about social pressure and aspirations stars a woman who quits everything to start a new career in flamenco.

Life is full of boring, repetitive questions. First meetings often lead with questions like ‘So, what do you do?’, while friends or relatives demand ‘But what are you going to do?’ The difficulty of answering the latter provides the inspiration behind director Aurélien Bory’s new production ‘Questcequetudeviens?’, which tells the story of a woman who abandons everything to kick-start a new career in flamenco. On stage, excellent dancer Stéphanie Fuster incarnates this desire to become something new, her body appearing to be possessed by some external force, her shoes smacking rhythmically against the floor. Accompanying her, Alberto Garcia sings and José Sanchez plays guitar, and together they create an incredibly poetic portrait, at once intense and virtuosic.


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