Blank Utopia

Music, Dance and electronic
 (Items & Things - Marc Houle / Troy Pierce / Magda)
Items & Things - Marc Houle / Troy Pierce / Magda
 (© Cité du Cinéma - NEF)
© Cité du Cinéma - NEF
 (© Cité du Cinéma - NEF)
© Cité du Cinéma - NEF
 (© Cité du Cinéma - La Mézzanine)
© Cité du Cinéma - La Mézzanine
 (© Cité du Cinéma - Studio)
© Cité du Cinéma - Studio
 (© DR)
© DR

Ambitious club promoters Die Nacht have already treated Parisians to raves inside airports and abandoned swimming pools. Under their new moniker Blank, they're setting their sights even higher: an epic Hollywood-themed outing in none other than the Cité du cinéma de Saint-Denis, Luc Besson's state-of-the-art new cinema complex in the banlieue. Come for the snacks and outdoor film screenings, and stay for the heavyweight techno lineup: split over two floors, the programme takes in everyone from Magda and Troy Pierce to the queer collective Flash Cocotte. It's shaping up to be a night of Titanic proportions.



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