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The 100 best shops in Paris – Home and interiors

Handpicked homeware to turn your home from flatpack to fantastique

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Five boutiques for dream homeware


Carouche isn’t an ordinary furniture store, but a singular second hand showroom. Here, objects are interpreted rather than merely sold – they are hunted down, tidied up, and if necessary turned into something completely different. Owner Caroline Giraud has been painting and polishing to give found items new life for ten years – she’s travelled the world, particularly the US, to collect furniture from offices, factories, architects and farms...

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11th arrondissement


Suffering from IKEA fatigue? Don’t panic, there is furniture made outside Sweden. Spread over nearly 350 square metres, Fleux offers a plethora of decorative and colourful design pieces. Opened in 2005, Luc Moulin’s and Gaétan Aucher’s boutique focuses on two key concepts: the superfluous and the luxurious. So rather than practical flat pack, expect to find anything from ceramic owls to green deer heads and paper lanterns...

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4th arrondissement

L'Autre Sens

There’s no ‘Made in China’ at L’Autre Sens. Rather, you’ll find ethical and responsibly sourced objets, the majority from local French businesses (both provincial and Ile-de-France) that make use of natural and recycled materials. This boutique is constantly reinventing itself, with new products often being tested alongside the wide and original selection of design pieces...

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15th arrondissement

Les Mauvaises Graines

Within walking distance of the bustling Château Rouge metro, and behind the equally busy Montmartre, Les Mauvaises Graines have turned their concept store into a tranquil garden. Part rock garden, part baroque boutique, plants sit alongside live insects, stuffed animals, wandering cats and bowls of goldfish...

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18th arrondissement


'An independent boutique offering exceptional design objects created by people with a story to tell' in the words of owner Fiona Cameron, Storie is a tiny, open space bathed in light a few steps from the Montparnasse Tower. It's stocked with lightbulb-shaped vases, patterned cushions, pewter picture frames: everything needed to add a touch of luxury to a home. At the back of the shop you'll also find a fine selection of jewellery...

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14th arrondissement