Nouveau Casino , Oberkampf Tuesday May 6 2014 19:30

This London duo came from nowhere to become one of 2013's hype sensations, thanks to the viral video of a six-year-old breakdancing for their single 'Platoon'. Well, that's a bit unfair – their steamy, grooving, creeping neo-soul tracks, more redolent of 1970s New York than anything else, are pretty special too. They've played the anonymity game expertly, hiding their true identities behind enigmatic press photos and a no-interview policy upheld until recently. All the more reason to catch a glimpse of them when they come to the Nouveau Casino in May.

Venue name: Nouveau Casino
Address: 109 rue Oberkampf

Opening hours: 7pm-5am Wed-Sat. Concerts times vary
Transport: Metro: Parmentier
Price: €16.30 pre-booked
Event website: http://www.nouveaucasino.net/index.php/2014/05/06/2511-jungle