Durian Outing at Green Acres

Durian Outing at Green Acres

Durian season is just around the corner and Green Acres will be throwing a feast. Durian 'outing' comprises of a durian buffet package inclusive of all varieties of durians from Musang King and D24s to Green Acres' signature durian, Ang Bak Kia. Guests will also have access to the facilities in Titi Serong Eco Lodge and savour the king of all fruits at the lodge's viewing deck with accompanying free flow of coffee and tea.

Children are not spared from this seasoned durian buffet. They can enjoy a dip in the dipping pool and a complimentary hot beverage afterwards. For children who are not keen on durians, cookies and snacks will be provided if prior notice is given. Early bookings are advised as the orchard may be booked for private durian parties or stay-in guests.

Event phone: 012 428 6368
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