Kyogen & Cantonese Opera Workshop

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Kyogen & Cantonese Opera Workshop

Time Out says

Are you passionate about the performing arts and love to make people laugh on stage? Or perhaps get dressed in full Cantonese Opera costumes and bring age-old stories to life?

Learn how to do both in a joint workshop that will introduce you to Kyogen, a form of Japanese comedy theatre, as well as Cantonese Opera. Learn the differences between the two theatrical genres as well as the threads that bind them together.

How to sign up

This joint workshop is free but prior registration is required.

There are two categories of attendees:

i) Participants (Limited to 20 pax)
ii) Spectators

Participants get a hands-on experience by applying and demonstrating what they have learned on stage.

Please visit the George Town Festival website for more information on how to register.