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The Raw Kitchen
Photograph: The Raw Kitchen

Don’t expect sermons at Fremantle’s health-oriented diner in an impressive, cavernous space – just some very tasty dishes

Raw food has an image problem with committed carnivores, who see it as joyless, virtuous food that denies taste and satisfaction to the diner. The Raw Kitchen explodes that notion in one sitting.

The airy warehouse is a far cry from Raw Kitchen’s previous location, which was barely bigger than just one of the shipping containers that now form enclosed nooks within a cavernous space. There’s a coffee counter, juice station, store and yoga studio; a one-stop shop for a lifestyle that’s going from fringe to mainstream.

With the new location there has been some menu changes, with cooked dishes – that is to say, not raw – hitting the menu. While not for raw purists, these dishes are still dairy-, sugar-, and gluten-free and it’s no doubt a move that ensures the bustling space stays that way.

The yellow coconut curry ($27) has a subtle heat with natural sweetness and in no way is compromised on flavour. Live pizza by the slice serves as an entrée or light lunch ($10). A dehydrated buckwheat base surely shouldn’t be so appetising, but, loaded with fresh toppings and macadamia “cheese”, one slice may not be enough.

The standout is the live zucchini pasta, a dish that encapsulates all that is good here. A hefty heap of spiraled zucchini serves as the pasta. It’s fresh to the core: tomato sauce, avocado and mushroom in quantity with a generous helping of Kalamata olives offering a real hint of the Mediterranean and a distraction to the fact that this isn’t strictly pasta.

While first timers to the space may breeze in past the store, there’s a good opportunity for browsing on the way out. Few dining experiences that can both change a diner’s mindset and capitalise in such a manner. No sermons: just damn good food.

By: Time Out contributors


Venue name: The Raw Kitchen
Address: 181A High St
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am-4pm; Fri-Sun 11am-9pm

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