Az Filmmaker Showcase June 2016

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Az Filmmaker Showcase June 2016
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Az Filmmaker Showcase June 2016 says
We have 5 shorts this month that you do not want to miss!

The Greatest Lie Ever Told
Relationships are hard, people change, sometimes things just don't workout, but what do you do if your cornered and there's no way out? You tell the greatest lie ever told! The Greatest Lie Ever Told, is an Arizona short film about the worst part of a relationship, the break up. Starring Carrie Fee and Cory Brox in a comedy about life, love, and the lies that will touch you in all the wrong places. Directed by Cody Everett.

Left With The Right Emotion
Finding the perfect match can be hard.
Claire has been on a few dates this year, but nothing serious. She has dedicated most of her life to her career and feels like it’s time to focus on love. Claire feels pressured and nervous when her friends sign her up for a speed dating event, but understands why they want her to go. She agrees, knowing it’s out of her comfort zone.
Adam has been single for almost two years. All of his friends are either in a long-term relationship or married. Until now, he has mainly focused on his career. He’s been trying to meet new people, but hasn’t had much luck. While speed dating really isn’t his style, he decides to give it a shot.

The Cleaners
A thieving dry cleaning deliver man, who steals from his clients homes while they are away, stumbles upon a body and its killer.

Closing Doors
While at a party, a man runs into his ex girlfriend. As they converse, they discuss what went wrong in their relationship.

After a women is kidnapped, not one but two heroes show up to save her from the evil masked man. Which one will get the chance to save her?

AVP - The Reality Show
Welcome to the world of beyond college where athletes maneuver and struggle through friendships, love and winning the championship of the volleyball circuit. Hearts get broken, backs get stabbed and at the root of it all, competition and not just with Volleyball.
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By: Dark of the Matinee