Building The Resistance Beyond Inauguration In Portland

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Building The Resistance Beyond Inauguration In Portland
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Building The Resistance Beyond Inauguration In Portland says
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The marches and protests we saw over the Inauguration Day weekend were among the biggest in U.S. History. The Portland Women's March on Washington was the biggest march Portland has ever had with estimates of 100 thousand people in attendance!!! Even accross the globe people turned out to protest Trump and his far right billionaire administratiom making this one of the worlds largest display of resistance to any incoming U.S. president.

The message has been sent loud and clear that we reject Trump's bigoted xenophobic agenda and we will show up in mass to challenge him and his administration. So what's next for the resistance? How do we concretely build the fight back against the impending attacks made by his administration endangering immigrants, muslims, reproductive rights, and medicare?

The massive protests we saw this weekend are only the beginning and can serve as a launch pad for an ongoing mass movement!

As socialists, we believe it will be essential to unite all our struggles to defend immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQI people and youth into one mighty movement to push back the far right agenda into retreat.

We invite you to join us at this public meeting to discuss our socialist strategy to build the resistance beyond inauguration and why fighting Trump fighting the underlying causes that would for such a bigoted demagogue to rise to power. Capitalism is the structure which has caused inequality, institutional racism, and poverty here and across the world. Now with Trump and his wealthiest cabinet in history we need to united to fight for a better world and disempower the billionaire class.

Beyond fighting the right and Trump's administration we believe we need to base ourselves on fighting demands like those that fueled the huge enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders' call for a "political revolution," including $15 and hour minimum wage, a massive public investment in green infrastructure, free college education, and Medicare for all.

We will be discussing perspectives for the fight ahead and strategy for grassroots struggle and organizing.

If you agree that we need a powerful united movement to fight Trump, a new party of the 99%, and a socialist transformation of society, then you should join Socialist Alternative Portland!
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By: Socialist Alternative Portland