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Get ready for the next chapter as you dive deeper into the
advanced anatomy behind all those hip openers and forward folds.

Allow Jill to help you experience how the physical and subtle body work together to create balance from the inside out. This workshop will explore the anatomy involved in creating increased mobility and strength in your hips while fine-tuning alignment in an effort to deepen your physical practice. Discover how to connect your energetic self to your physical shapes and watch your practice soar

There are two options to participate.

Master Class ONLY | $49
Friday, May 13 6:30 - 9:30p
This three-hour, masterfully-sequenced class will help you combine awareness of breath and body to explore in-depth some of the intermediate hip openers and forward bends.

The Whole She'bang | $299
Friday, May 13 6:30 - 9:30p | Saturday, May 14 2 - 8p | Sunday, May 15 2 - 8p
Thoroughly investigate all the peak postures from Friday's Master class, Break down poses, alignment, sequencing, anatomy, and the connection to your energetic self.

Here are some of the peak poses we will be visiting:

Svarga Dvijasana (Bird of Paradise)
Baddha Ardha Chandrasana
Marichyasana I
Triang Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana
Upavishta Konasana
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