Potluck For Bernie Sanders

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Potluck For Bernie Sanders
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Potluck For Bernie Sanders says

There's this great idea to hold a potluck for Bernie Sanders between April 14-17, as a sort of protest against the $300k/plate dinners being held for Clinton.

The suggested donation is $27, donations can be made here https://go.berniesanders.com/page/content/splash. If you can/want to donate more, that's fantastic. If you can donate less or nothing at all, that's fine too, join us for the potluck, bring something tasty and have fun!

Did you know that up to $50/yr donated to a presidential campaign can be credited on your taxes by the state of Oregon?

Right now the event is set for Saturday afternoon, April 16 at Laurelhurst Park, but if anyone has a better idea, I'm open to it. I need a co-host or two since I work until 4p, so if you're interested, let me know!

Most importantly, whether you can come or not, invite everyone you know! Let's make this huge!

More details to come!

*While we are encouraging donations during the April 14-17 time frame, they are by no means a requirement and we consider this to simply be an event to get a group of like-minded people together to support our candidate.*
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