Reverend Nat’S Holy Water(Melon) Cider!

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Reverend Nat’S Holy Water(Melon) Cider!
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Reverend Nat’S Holy Water(Melon) Cider! says
Reverend Nat’s Holy Water(Melon) Cider!

This Monday September 5th we are celebrating Labor Day with Reverend Nat’s Holy Water(Melon) Cider.

This cider is made once a year "when the Hermiston Watermelons are ready." Reverend Nat's does not make very much and we were lucky enough to have received a keg of the 2016 vintage.

Come and get it as soon as you can. Blink once and it is gone until next year.

For those who do not know about this cider, here is some info from Reverend Nat’s website –

“Holy Water(melon) is the perfect embodiment of late summer in the Northwest. I started with the classic tart Granny Smith apple, fermented it with an English ale yeast to full dryness, then added a dash of natural ginger juice and hand-zested and juiced limes.

After spending two weeks tasting the best watermelons that the produce brokers of Portland could procure, I selected the ultimate Hermiston melon, grown in Eastern Oregon. Known for being simultaneously succulently juicy and rich in flavor, this is the king of watermelons.

I scooped out the meat from over 100 melons, pressed them, then added the juice of five melons to each half barrel keg.”

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By: Culmination Brewing Company