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Women's Health Seminar
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Women's Health Seminar says
"Don't tickle me or I'll pee my pants!"
"Sometimes it just happens when I cough or sneeze."
"I don't jump now that I've had kids."
"I always go just in case."
"Abs? What abs? I have three kids instead."
"I heard I'm supposed to do Kegels but I have no idea what that is."

Any of these statements sound familiar? These are very common issues that affect almost all women. And there IS something you can do about it. All women should learn the PROPER way to do a Kegel (pelvic floor muscle contraction) because most of us are doing it wrong. It is also important to know when to do them, how much, how often, and why.

In this FREE SEMINAR, Beth will cover:
• Issues common to women before, during and after pregnancy
• How to accurately strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
• How to prevent/decrease incontinence
• How to assess and treat diastasis recti
• Osteoporosis prevention and strength training for women
• Any questions you may have regarding these topics

Beth Goldstein is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer who is in her third and final year of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at University of Puget Sound. She has taken advanced elective courses in Women's Health Physical Therapy/ Pelvic Floor Health and has worked specifically with women for the past 6 years. She has helped women with everything from fitness during pregnancy to losing weight post-partum to building strength for Osteoporosis prevention.

Members and Non-member welcome, call to save your spot today (503) 287-0655.
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By: Northwest Women's Fitness Club